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Smart Keyless Bike Locks

There’s been a flurry of wireless, smartphone, bike lock products over the last year. Unfortunately to date none of these projects has resulted in something that you can place an order for immediate delivery. Most have been delayed or completely stalled.

Of those we found theĀ Noke U-Lock by Fuz is looking most promising given their history of previously delivering a similar product. Watch this space.

Ulock Keyless Smart Bike LockUlock

  • It’s unclear if this product made it into production.
  • No recent updates and no ability to purchase from their website.


  • This product didn’t make it to manufacturing phase due to materials sourcing problems.



  • Cable based lock
  • Includes bike sharing capability
  • Availability: First batch sold out, second batch due in Q3 2015
  • Kickstarter campaign



    • 5 year battery life
    • Bikeshare compatible
    • Smartphone proximity based lock/unlock
    • Bluetooth 4 / BLE
    • Due to ship Q1 2015
    • Kickstarter campaign
    • No recent activity on any of their social media profiles.


Fuz Designs Noke U-lockFUZ Designs – Noke U-lock

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