Wet A Chook Automatic Chicken Drinker

Automatic Clean Water Chicken Drinker

Never fill up or clean out your chickens drinking water again. Australian made Wet-a-chook drinkers can be mains connected and include an innovative cup design that keeps their water clean.

Anyone who has kept chicken knows that traditional water dispensers are constantly filled with refuse by the chickens, are pooed in, and rapidly grow algae. Refilling and cleaning them is a needless chore.

Combined with a Chooktred the hardest part of looking after your chicken will be collecting delicious fresh eggs daily!

Chooktred Chicken Treadle Feeder

Chooktred – pest and weather proof chicken feeder

Australian designed and locally manufactured, the Chooktred is an intelligent and robust chicken feeder that will cut your feed use in half. Feed is only accessible with the weight of a chicken standing on the landing board – keeping rats, mice and wild birds out of the feed. It’s also waterproof and grill is used to prevent wastage through scattering of feed by the chicken.

We replaced a traditional hanging poultry feeder and found feed consumption drop by 70%. The balance was being consumed by rats (as spotted with a thermal imaging camera).

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