Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans provide extremely efficient alternatives to cooling (in comparison to air conditioners). A new range of ultra efficient DC motors and innovative blade designs are pushing this a step further. Many fans can be used in reverse mode to help push warm air back down from the ceiling.

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Woodzee Wooden Sunglasses

Sustainable (mostly wooden) Sunglasses

Even the most unlikely of every day items such as sunglasses can be made using sustainable practices. Timber is the most common material but plant based acetate (think plastic not made from oil) options are also available. Many of the companies are passionate about sustainability offering recycling and social good commitments.

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Organic and Natural Sunscreens

Why is this important?

Concerns have been raised about generic sunscreens due to:

  • Pollution of the environment, primarily from the colouring and fragrance compounds
  • Some sunscreens block UVB (causes burning) whilst not blocking UVA (causes mellanoma) hence increasing the amount of exposure received to UVA as the natural warning signals are removed.
  • There are contentious views around the potentially harmful effects on our health of: nano particles (titanium dioxide, zinc oxide)  and oxybenzone.

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Organic Farm Stays

You might be new to organic food and want to learn how it works, or eager to show your children where your food comes from. Maybe you’re a city dweller that just needs a break. There’s no shortage of farmstay’s, but you’ll find a different experience on an organic property that’s attached to the motivations of it’s owners. Farming organically isn’t easy, and almost always comes from a deep sense of commitment and passion for the environment that will come through in every aspect of your stay.

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