Fonzarelli Electric Scooter

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I had the opportunity to take a Fonzarelli electric scooter for a spin. It’s a 125 cc equivalent that would be great for getting around town.

For anyone that’s spent a bit of time riding motorbikes, it’s hard to overstate how big a deal the lack of engine noise is. Motorbike riding is normally yourself, inside your helmet, wind noise that increases with speed and the constant buzz of the bike below you. There’s no radio, no passenger, no car interior to compete for your attention.

So paring this experience down to just the sound of the wind on your helmet is really big deal. You twist the throttle and you’re moving. You stop at the lights and there’s nothing.

The bike itself – it’s not quite up to the finish or build standard of a good Japanese┬ábike but at the same time is a big step up from a cheap Chinese import. The controls, mirrors, wheels are all pretty standard.

There’s a burst button that’s supposed to deliver more power but I honestly couldn’t be sure if it was doing anything.

Best of all – it looks like a real scooter!

You can find more specifications, range and details on the Fonzarelli website.


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