Road registered electric scooters

The current availability of electric scooters in Australia is very limited. After extensive research we’ve only been able to locate a single dealer in each of the consumer and business focussed areas. As the technology develops we expect this to change, sign up to our mailing list to be informed, or opt for an electric bike whilst you wait.

eRider Electric Scooter


Based on Melbourne eRider import an 80% complete bike and finish the build locally to Australian standards. They ship the bikes nationwide via a network of local delivery agents.

Tonelli E-ScooterElectric Delivery Scooter

A Sydney based company that specialises in delivery scooters and is a major supplier to local pizza chains. Originally manufactured locally the bikes are now made overseas and imported.

Their E-Scooter sells in low volumes due to a higher upfront cost.

Vmoto electric scooter


Locally founded and ASX listed (VMT) Vmoto┬ámake an impressive range of sleek electric scooters. Early products have been equivalent to 50cc bikes and with higher upfront costs local uptake was limited. Currently focussed on export markets they’re not sold locally but new products are expected to be available in Australia in late 2015.

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