Draft Sealing

According to Your Home air leakage accounts for 5-15% of heat lost from a home. Products to help reduce heat loss from drafts include:

  • For gaps around doors and windows the Raven range of products are readily available from outlets such as Bunnings.
    • Note that in addition to their DIY ranges they also manufacture and sell higher quality fittings via their architectural range. A full catalogue can be found on their website.
  • Prevent heat loss from bathroom ceiling fans using a DraftStoppa. Buy online from Austech or Neco.
  • Repair the holes in your ceiling from down lights with downlight covers.
  • Check that the flue for your range hood is supplied with a backdraft damper.
  • Use a twin door snake to reduce drafts between rooms which are heated and those which aren’t.
  • Use clear contact adhesive to temporarily seal internal wall vents or close permanently with plaster.

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