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Australian Car Sharing Services

There are now three major car sharing fleets operating across four capital cities in Australia along with two peer to peer networks allowing people to rent their personal vehicles to others.

A car that can be replaced by a car sharing service will most likely be getting relatively little use each year. The embodied emissions (those created in its manufacture) will likely far out weigh those produced by its use. Further more once the annual runnings costs of registration, insurance, maintenance and the owners time are tallied up, the per use or per km cost will often be significantly higher than the equivalent car sharing service.

GoGet Car Sharing


    • Cars provided by GoGet.
    • Cars in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.
    • Fleet of 1300+ vehicles
    • Founded in 2003


Green Share Car

Green Share Car

  • Cars provided by Green Share Car
  • Cars in Melbourne and Sydney
  • Fleet of 100+ vehicles
  • Founded in 2010


  • Cars available in inner Melbourne
  • Founded in 2004
  • Owned by Hertz
  • Fleet of 150+ vehicles
Car Next Door

Car next door

  • Peer to peer car sharing
  • Members in Sydney and Melboune (within 10kms of CBD).
  • 3500+ members
  • Founded in 2012


 Drive My Car

Drive my car

  • Peer to peer car sharing
  • 300+ cars available
  • 10,000+ members
  • Founded in 2010

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