Deciding that you want to reduce the your impact on the globe and help reduce climate change isn’t a difficult decision. It’s not hard to find reasons why you should. Despite the media attention that climate change gets, actually living in a low impact and environmentally friendly way remains a niche. As a result, finding the products, services and people that allow you to make the change is still difficult. Grenum’s goal is to make it easier.

Seeking low energy or environmentally friendly alternatives from most trades people and suppliers still yields responses like “nobody does it that way, they don’t work, you don’t need that in your area, they have them in [other country] but not in [our country], it’s too expensive nobody uses it, you’ll never get your money back on that,  it’s cheaper to use an [insert energy hungry appliance here].

Throughout the site you’ll find environmentally friendly alternatives across the areas of interest that we cover, including:

  • Reducing consumption of resources through
    • Water efficiency
    • Alternatives to energy intensive materials
    • Reducing fossil fuel energy use via energy efficiency in lighting, heating/cooling, appliances and transport
    • Production of renewable energy at home or work through solar
  • Preservation of the natural environment through
    • Reduced chemical usage in food and personal care through organic and biodynamic products
  • In support of all of the above we look at:
    • Investments
    • Education – both formal training and self-guided learning, and
    • Innovation

Formerly published as Green Renovation, we’ve recently renamed to Grenum as our focus expands beyond green home improvements. Grenum is derived from the old english word for green and rough translates as “to be green”.

Learn more about our authors, suggest products / services you’d like us to write about or contribute your own. If you like what we’re doing we’d love to hear from you.