re-use and recycle

Recycling and Re-using products

Throwing things out is far to easy. You put them in your bin and the garbage man makes them disappear. Far too many things we discard because we no longer have a use for them still have plenty of life in them and can be used by others less fortunate than ourselves.

A number of online services make the process of giving things away just as easy as throwing them out.

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Eco house moving alternatives

There are two major things you can do for a greener house move. Firstly, avoid using cardboard boxes and secondly ensure that you recycle or re-purpose any unwanted items you find during your move instead of sending them to landfill.

Plastic Moving BOXES

Replace cardboard boxes with these plastic moving boxes that can be re-used hundreds of times. There’s also a huge functional benefit in that they’re easier to carry than cardboard boxes, they’re sturdier meaning packed items are less likely to be damaged and most importantly you don’t need to tape them up so they’re faster to pack.

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Woodzee Wooden Sunglasses

Sustainable (mostly wooden) Sunglasses

Even the most unlikely of every day items such as sunglasses can be made using sustainable practices. Timber is the most common material but plant based acetate (think plastic not made from oil) options are also available. Many of the companies are passionate about sustainability offering recycling and social good commitments.

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Eco and Sustainable Online Toy Shops

Children’s toys can do more than just entertain them, they’re tools for learning and emotional, intellectual, physical and social development. They can also be manufactured using methods that both minimise their impact through incorporation of natural or recycled materials. Materials that are free of substances which aren’t good or safe for your children.

We’ve also published a comprehensive list of eco toy brands that can be purchased online from the Australian sites listed below.

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Eco Coffee Machines

Having taken a 3 year break from coffee I’m well and truly addicted again, and I’m ok with that. I really like my coffee. It started with coffee at work but it wasn’t long before I needed a coffee machine at home. Naturally I went looking for an eco version. The old bench top machines I grew up and had in the office always seemed to have very short lives with pumps or electronics failing.

These manual machines are high touch, making your coffee becomes as much of the experience as drinking it. All those that I could find are listed, they each have different types of interactions so hopefully you’ll find one that works for you. If you don’t and something more automated remains more realistic make sure you review the sustainable capsule coffee alternatives.

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Cloth & Sustainable Nappies

Disposable nappies use a significant volume of materials and create and equally large burden on landfill sites. There is a significant new range of both sustainable disposable nappies and re-usable cloth nappies available today that didn’t exist for previous generations.

A guide to the major brands and manufacturers for products available in Australia follows.

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