First Light Organics

First Light Organics Baby Products

Since 2006 First Light Organics have produced the finest quality natural baby products in small fresh batches from locally grown produce* in northern NSW. They use only raw and sustainably sourced ingredients that are certified organic.

The result is a product that’s safe enough to eat! It’s noticeably smoother and more gentle on your baby – it’s “extremely pure and delicately effective”.

The products are mostly sold online and ship Australia wide.

First Light Organics Certifications

* Wherever possible



Green Certifications

Green Certifications

Everyone’s definition of a “green” product varies across factors incorporating ethical, organic, fossil fuel free, local production,  energy efficiency and more. Your own definition will be a weighted mix of these factors. You might eat only organic food but not be willing to restrict your self to garments made from organic cotton.  Ensuring your personal care products aren’t tested on animals might take priority over the water efficiency of your washing machine.

A number of organisations define standards and maintain certifications of products across these areas. They’re a great quick guide to finding products that meet your own personal “green” criteria.

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Organic and Natural Sunscreens

Why is this important?

Concerns have been raised about generic sunscreens due to:

  • Pollution of the environment, primarily from the colouring and fragrance compounds
  • Some sunscreens block UVB (causes burning) whilst not blocking UVA (causes mellanoma) hence increasing the amount of exposure received to UVA as the natural warning signals are removed.
  • There are contentious views around the potentially harmful effects on our health of: nano particles (titanium dioxide, zinc oxide)  and oxybenzone.

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