Architects & Builders

If you’re not the DIY type but still want to do a sustainable renovation finding a green designer, architect and/or builder is a crucial first step.

The list is limited to organisations whose sole focus is working only on sustainable projects.

New South Wales

Envirotecture http://www.envirotecture.com.au/ Design
Enviroarch http://enviroarch.com.au/ Design
Zaia Architects http://www.zaiaarch.com/ Design
Living Green Designer Homes http://www.livinggreendesignerhomes.com.au/ Design
Your Abode http://www.yourabode.com.au/ Design & Construction
M & J Green Builders http://www.thegreenbuilders.com.au/ Design & Construction
Econstruct http://www.e-construct.com.au/ Design & Construction
Australian Living http://www.australianliving.com.au/ Design & Construction
Luke Constructions http://www.lukeconstructions.com.au/


Third Ecology http://www.thirdecology.com.au/ Design
Green House Sustainable Building Systems http://www.sustainablebuilding.com.au/ Design
Living Edge http://living-edge.com.au/ Design & Construction
Positive Footprints http://www.positivefootprints.com.au/ Design & Construction
Unicorn House http://www.unicornhouse.com.au/ Design & Construction

Australian Capital Territory

Green House http://www.greenhouse.com.au/ Design
Project North http://www.projectnorth.com.au/ Design & Construction

Western Australia

Solar Dwellings http://www.solardwellings.com.au/ Design


Thompson Sustainable Homes http://www.thompsonsustainablehomes.com.au/ Design & Construction
Green Earth Homes http://www.greenearthhomes.com.au/ Design & Construction


Eco System Homes http://www.ecosystemhomes.com.au/ Design

If you’re a green builder or designer – contact us to be added to the listing.