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Australia has a strong local market for the production of wines that are free of or have minimal use of chemicals and artificial fertilisers. They use grapes which are grown using methods that are mindful of the environment and with an understanding of sustainability and often bottled with no or minimal use of  preservatives.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive listing of all Australian wineries producing certified organic and bio-dynamic wines in addition to those which are employing these practices to some degree without full certification.

You can buy many of these wines from these specialist Australian online wine retailers. Some of the labels also offer direct online sales via their websites.


Multiple certifications exist for these wines. In many cases you’ll find the logo on the wine labels. Our listing identifies the organic and bio-dynamic status of each winery.

Certification Description
Nasaa Certified BiodynamicNASAAA Certified Organic NASAAThe National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA) provides certification to Organic and Bio-Dynamic standards which it maintains.One of two major organic certifiers in Australia
Australian Certified Organic  Australian Certified OrganicThe largest certifier of organic and biodynamic produce in Australia.
OGA Organic OGA Small Producer Program
Demeter Bio-Dynamic
Principles / Practices Indicates that the winery / vineyard is to some degree applying principles or practices of organic or biodynamic farming. The extent to which practices are employed varies on a per vineyard basis. It’s better than nothing. View the vineyards website or talk to them to find out more.Whilst it’s worth looking more closely at how actively the principles are employed, these wines should not be discounted due to lack of an official certification. This is often a starting point for vineyards that will go on to become certified or simply a pragmatic choice for small producers due to cost constraints.

Organic and Bio-dynamic Winery listing

Note: Click on the column titles to sort the listing for easier reference.

VineyardCityStatePostcodeOrganic StatusBiodynamic Status
Battle of BosworthMcLaren ValeSA5171Australian Certified Organic
Andrew Peace WinesPiangilVictoria3597Australian Certified Organic
Harris Organic WinesBaskervilleWA6056Australian Certified Organic
First Creek WinesCessnockNSW2320Australian Certified Organic
Robinvale WinesRobinvaleVIC3549Australian Certified OrganicDemeter
919 WinesBerriSA5343Australian Certified Organic
Angove Family WinemakersRenmarkSA5341Australian Certified Organic
Riverpines VineyardMilbrodaleNSW2330Australian Certified Organic
Botobolar VineyardMudgeeNSW2850Australian Certified Organic
Broombee Orchard & VineyardApple Tree FlatNSW2850Australian Certified Organic
Cape Jaffa WinesRobeSA5276Australian Certified Organic
Cullen WinesCowaramupWA6284Australian Certified Organic
Frankland Estate WinesFrankland RiverWA6396Australian Certified Organic
Gardners GroundCanowindraNSW2804Australian Certified Organic
Gemtree VineyardsMcLaren FlatSA5171Australian Certified Organic
Grancari Estate WinesMorphett ValeSA5162Australian Certified Organic
The Green VineyardsUpper BeaconsfieldVIC3808Australian Certified Organic
Grosset WinesAuburnSA5451Australian Certified Organic
Hart of the BarossaTanundaSA5352Australian Certified Organic
J&J WinesMcLaren ValeSA5171Australian Certified Organic
Kalleske WinesGreenockSA5360Australian Certified Organic
Krinklewood VineyardNewport BeachNSW2106Australian Certified Organic
Lowe WinesMudgeeNSW2850Australian Certified Organic
Macquariedale WinesRothburyNSW2320Australian Certified Organic
Radford WinesEden ValleySA5235Australian Certified Organic
Redden Bridge WinesNaracoorteSA5271Australian Certified Organic
Restdown WinesCaldwellNSW2732Australian Certified Organic
Salena Estate WinesBerriSA5343Australian Certified Organic
Shaw & Smith WineryAuburnSA5451Australian Certified Organic
Stefano Lubiana WinesGrantonTAS7030Australian Certified Organic
Tamburlaine ManufacturingPokolbinNSW2320Australian Certified Organic
WallingtonCanowindraNSW2804Australian Certified Organic
Wild Fox WinesProspectSA5082Australian Certified Organic
Windowrie WinesCanowindraNSW2804Australian Certified Organic
Yangarra Estate VineyardClaredonSA5157Australian Certified Organic
BindoonBindoonWA6502Australian Certified Organic
Parallax VineyardPennaTAS7171Australian Certified Organic
Prince Albert VineyardWaurn PondsVIC3216Australian Certified Organic
Castagna VineyardsBeechworthVIC3747NASAANASAA
Cobaw RidgeKynetonVIC3444NASAANASAA
Goulburn Terrace WinesNagambieVIC3608NASAANASAA
Walter Clappis Wine Co.æMclaren ValeSA5171NASAANASAA
Lark Hill WineryBungendoreNSW2621NASAANASAA
Maverick WinesVine ValeSA5352NASAANASAA
Captains Creek Organic WinesBlampiedVIC3364NASAA
Martins HillMudgeeNSW2850NASAA
Temple BruerStrathalbynSA5255NASAA
Thistle HillMudgeeNSW2850NASAA
Mountford WineryManjumupWANASAA
Two Dragons Organic VineyardFinnissSANASAA
Beelgara EstateGriffithNSWNASAA
Burra Creek WinesDulwichSANASAA
d'ArenbergMcLaren ValeSANASAA
Kilchurn WinesRomseyVICNASAA
O'Leary Walker WinesWatervaleSANASAA
Settlers RidgeCowaramupWANASAA
Ken WinesVirginiaSA5120OGA
Maximus Wines AustraliaMclaren ValeSA5171OGA
Burnside Organic FarmMargaret RiverWA6285OGA
Bass PhillipLeongathaVIC3953PracticesPractices
Corawmup WinesMargaret RiverWA6285PracticesPractices
Freehand Natural WinesDarlingtonWA6070PracticesPractices
Kangarilla RoadMaclaren FlatSA5171PracticesPractices
Lethbridge WinesLethbridgeVIC3332PracticesPractices
Blind CornerCowaramupWA6284Practices
Burge FamilyLyndochSA5351Practices
Greenway WinesBrokeNSW2330Practices
KT and the FalconWatervaleSA5452Practices
Jasper HillHeathcoteVIC3523PrinciplesPrinciples
Ben's RunBrokeNSW2330Principles
Little River WinesAcheronVIC3714Principles
Bindi Wine GrowersGisborneVIC3437Principles / Trialling
Avonmore EstateAvonmoreVIC3558Demeter
NgeringaMount BarkerSA5251NASAA
Paxton WinesMcLaren ValeSA5171NASAA
Wirra Wirra VineyardsMcLaren ValeSANASAA
Jean-Paul's VineyardYeaVICNASAA
Brackenwood VineyardWillungaSA5172Practices
Five Views VineyardOnkaparinga HillsSA5163Practices
Kiltyname EstateSwan BayVIC3225Practices
A.Retief WinesTumbarumbaNSW2653Practices
Organic One WinesJerilderieNSW2716PracticesPractices
Marchand & BurchMargaret RiverWA6285Practices
Happs DunsboroughWA6281
Loan WinesTanundaSA5352Australian Certified Organic
M. ChapoutierHeathcoteVIC3523Principles
Mill About VineyardWilliamstownSA5351Practices
Mount Horrocks WinesAuburnSA5451
Mount MonumentRomseyVIC3434Practices
Naked RangeSmiths GullyVIC3760
Noon WineryMcLaren ValeSA5171
Oranje Tractor WinesMarbelupWA6330Practices
Pig In The HouseCanowindraNSW2804Australian Certified Organic
Prancing HorseRed Hill SouthVIC3937Principles
Sorrenberg Vineyard (Barry & Jan Morey)BeechworthVIC3747Demeter
Spring Seed Wine CoMclaren ValeSA5171Australian Certified Organic
Squished BerryBallandeanQLD4382Practices
Switch Organic WineNairneSA5252NASAA
Talijancich WinesHerne HillWA6056
Ten Minutes By Tractor Wine CompanyMain RidgeVIC3928Australian Certified Organic
Whistling Kite WinesLoxtonSA5333Australian Certified OrganicAustralian Certified Organic
24 KaratMargaret RiverWA6912
GlenaraUpper HermitageSA5131
Haywards of LocksleyLocksleyVIC3665
Jeeleunup GullyMount BarkerWA6324
Tasmanian Organic WinesLiffeyTAS7301
Woody Pear WinesBaldivisWA6171


  • Organic and Bio-dynamic status is current only as at time of most recent update (April 2015). For the most up to date listings please use the product searches on Australian Certified Organic, NASAA and Demeter‘s websites. Where no official certification is in place the status is taken from vineyard or wineries website.
  • Information provided here is for your convenience only and is non authoritative. Logo’s and trademarks belong to their respective owners. Grenum.com is not certified organic, bio-dynamic, we do not sell wine. We just help you find green products.

Do you work for or know of an organic or bio-dynamic vineyard that we’ve missed from our listing? Please leave a comment below and we’ll include it.

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