Branched Drain Grey Water Diversion

After deciding I wanted to keep my grey water onsite but finding the commercial products a little on the expensive side I went looking for cheaper alternatives.

My first attempt was a 200L drum outside my bathroom connected to the waste outlet from my bath, lined with some rudimentary filters and draining to the garden via 19mm poly pipe. This was a failed experiment with a positive outcome. I quickly discovered where grey water gets it’s name from – when stored for any length of time this is the colour it quickly turns.

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Hot water heating

Solar Hot Water Systems

Provided that a suitable area of close to North facing roof is available that receives good levels of sun without extensive shading solar hot water heaters represent on of the most efficient methods of heating water.

Historically flat plate collectors have been used but they’re more recently being replaced by evacuated tubes as the standard solar thermal collector.

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Grey Water re-use

My journey with grey water began at time when I was doing a bit spear fishing around Sydney. We were mostly diving just¬†outside the heads of Sydney Harbour, every so often though we’d head further afield up or down the coast. When we did the change in water visibility was immense.

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