Solar Power System Performance Monitoring and Fault Detection

Australia has one of the highest residential solar PV installations in the world with over 1 million systems installed. They’reĀ installed by home owners with the goal of reducing their electricity bill, saving money or getting a good return on their investment. How well this works is totally dependent on how well the solar power system is performing.

Any of the following this can go wrong which reduce output of a solar system:

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Grid Connected Solar plus Storage

Across Australia most new solar installations are subject to tariffs which pay the owners as little as 1/4 or less for their excess power that they export to the grid during the day than they are charged for using the same power through the evening hours.

Installing a battery system in your home allows you to instead store this excess electricity and use it yourself, avoiding the high tariffs.

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Green Power

You can’t completely remove your demand for electricity but you can buy it from renewable sources.

Most major electricity vendors in Australia can supply you with Green Power. Green Power comes from renewable sources and is part of a government accreditation program.

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