Electricity Usage Monitoring

Whilst electricity prices in Australia have remained relatively low the general consciousness of it’s consumption has also.

A number of devices now exist which allow you to view and monitor your electricity usage in real time.


  • Offers a LED display readable from a distance
  • Glows in three different colours as electricity moves between below average, average and above average usage levels
  • Usage history can be downloaded via software for Mac and PC
  • For more information visit the Wattson website

Smart Energy Groups

  • An Australian based open source build your own monitoring tool.
  • Provides advanced online reporting and customisation capabilities.
  • Provides circuit level monitoring from your meter box, can integrate temperature monitoring.
  • Available online from Smart Energy Groups


  • Provides real time usage information
  • For more information visit the Efergy website


  • Whilst the above devices monitor the usage of your whole household, the Power-Mate monitors the usage of individual devices.
  • It works by connecting between your appliance and the wall socket.
  • Two versions are available, the Power-Mate and the Power-Mate light

Low cost power usage meters

  • In a similar format to the Power-Mate, a range of low cost power usage meters are available for monitoring individual devices.
  • Many local councils also offer these meters for free on a fortnightly loan basis. You can easily make an assessment of your appliance loads within this period.

Smart Meter Reporting

For homes with smart meters installed your electricity retailer may offer you detailed usage data.

AGL’s IQ product for example provides daily usage breakdown by time of day via a free online interface. Whilst not providing the realtime visibility of usage – such services are easier to use and manage than many of the devices listed above.

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