Woodzee Wooden Sunglasses

Sustainable (mostly wooden) Sunglasses

Even the most unlikely of every day items such as sunglasses can be made using sustainable practices. Timber is the most common material but plant based acetate (think plastic not made from oil) options are also available. Many of the companies are passionate about sustainability offering recycling and social good commitments.

Proof Wooden SunglassesProof

Australian made by a victorian family with a long history of working with timber.


Sticks & Sparrow Bamboo SunglassesSticks and Sparrow

Australian company that locally designs sunglasses made from bamboo which are then manufactured in China.


Grown Wooden EyewearGrown Wooden Eyewear

Manufactured from a mix of sustainably grown Bamboo, Zebrawood, Ebony and Maple.

Founded in Australia now reaching an international market.

 Three Twigs Wooden SunniesThree Twigs

Australian company.


Topheads skate shadesTopheads

Founded in Bondi NSW Topheads sunglasses are Australian Owned and Made. They include an innovative range made form recycled skateboard decks.


Panda Bamboo EyewearPanda

Panda is a US based company. The sunglasses are made from Bamboo.

Woodzee Wooden SunglassesWoodzee

Another US based company. Serious about sustainability Woodzee will provide you with a 40% discount on your next pair of sunglasses if you return your original pair for recycling.

ZealZeal Optics Sustainable Sunglasses Optics

The wood thing might not be your style. Zeal Optics range of eyewear is made from plant based resin in place of oil providing a sustainable alternative with the finish of traditional eyewear.

Monkey GlassesMonkey Glasses

Made from a plant based acetate from Italy,  the company is passionate about sustainability. Left over material is re-used, cases are made from organic cotton. Old glasses can be returned which the company then distributes to charities.

Waiting for the Sun Wooden SunglassesWaiting for the Sun

Wooden and acetate options available. Made in France.


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