Organic and Natural Sunscreens

Why is this important?

Concerns have been raised about generic sunscreens due to:

  • Pollution of the environment, primarily from the colouring and fragrance compounds
  • Some sunscreens block UVB (causes burning) whilst not blocking UVA (causes mellanoma) hence increasing the amount of exposure received to UVA as the natural warning signals are removed.
  • There are contentious views around the potentially harmful effects on our health of: nano particles (titanium dioxide, zinc oxide)  and oxybenzone.

Organic Sunscreens have a great article explaining why most of the available sunscreens aren’t certified organic due to the presence of Zinc Oxide.

Natural and safer alternatives


Brand Origin
Soleo Organics  Australia
Natures Organics  Australia
Wotnot Australia
Grahams Natural Alternatives Australia
UV Natural Australia
MooGoo Australia
Natural Instinct Australia

Online retailers:

Organic Sunscreen QLD Ashmore
Down to earth organics NSW Lismore
Australian NaturalCare NSW North Ryde
Shop Naturally NSW Tuggerah
Avana QLD
Echo Life VIC Yarraville

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