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First Light Organics Baby Products

Since 2006 First Light Organics have produced the finest quality natural baby products in small fresh batches from locally grown produce* in northern NSW. They use only raw and sustainably sourced ingredients that are certified organic.

The result is a product that’s safe enough to eat! It’s noticeably smoother and more gentle on your baby – it’s “extremely pure and delicately effective”.

The products are mostly sold online and ship Australia wide.

First Light Organics Certifications

* Wherever possible




Organic and Natural Sunscreens

Why is this important?

Concerns have been raised about generic sunscreens due to:

  • Pollution of the environment, primarily from the colouring and fragrance compounds
  • Some sunscreens block UVB (causes burning) whilst not blocking UVA (causes mellanoma) hence increasing the amount of exposure received to UVA as the natural warning signals are removed.
  • There are contentious views around the potentially harmful effects on our health of: nano particles (titanium dioxide, zinc oxide)  and oxybenzone.

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