Reusable takeaway coffee cups

The waste paper from take away coffee cups is both very large and largely unnecessary. We’ve found some great alternatives, all available in Australia either online or in your local coffee shop. At home you can reduce the impact from your coffee habit with a number of eco-friendly coffee machine alternatives.

Keep cups

A proud Australian innovation KeepCup’s are the defacto standard in reusable take away coffee cups now sold globally. They’re widely available for sale in local coffee shops or you can purchase them direct from the KeepCup online store. Originally a plastic cup they’re now also available in glass.

Ideal cupReusable takeaway coffee cup

The Ideal Cup is much the same concept as the KeepCup with a different design and made in New Zealand.

Joco CupJoco Reusable coffee Cup

Another Australian made product the Joco Cup is another glass reusable coffee cup.







Cheeki CupCheeki Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee Cup

Cheeki manufacture a whole range of re-usable containers from water bottles to flasks and bags.

The Cheeki cup is a double walled insulated stainless steel reusable coffee cup.


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