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Cargo Bike Brands

They’ve long been the domain of cycle couriers in Australia’s capital cities but a niche has formed and cargo bikes are just starting to make their way into maintstream use. Even in our hilly cities such as Sydney when combined with an electric bike kit they’re a viable alternative to a second car for many families.

A listing of all cargo bike brands sold in Australia. Once you’ve found the model of bike or kit that you like you can find a local supplier via the cargo bike stockists listing.

The star ratings are a simple combined indicator of quality & price, 1 star represents cheap product of low quality, 5 stars represents excellent quality at a high price. For more detailed information see the linked reviews.

BrandQuality / PriceOrigin
YubaUSA / Made in China
SurlyUSA / Made in Taiwan
KonaUSA / Made in Taiwan
Douze CyclesFrance


Other interesting Brands not sold in Australia

5 responses to Cargo Bike Brands

  1. peter santos

    a, please include the most sold cargobike in australia. christianiabike
    b, Bullitt is spelled with 2 t’s

  2. You haven’t distinguished between long-tail bikes and out-front bikes, which makes it comparing apples to apricots. 4/10 for this effort, including your tendentious rankings. (The Kona Ute is better than the shithouse Yuba Mundo by a long chalk)

  3. Tim Stredwick

    You’ve missed Triobike, distributed by Cargocycles in Melbourne, great range of cargo bikes for all sorts of uses. The Triocargo is as good if not better than the Bullitt.

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