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Australian Cargo Bike Stockists

Whilst many local bike shops stock a handful of cargo bikes there are now a serious number that specialise in this space. They can provide you with much greater level of insight into which style of cargo bike is right for you.

You’ll find direct links to the manufacturers websites for all of those referenced from our Australian cargo bike brands page.

Name Location Brands Stocked
New South Wales
Glow Worm Bicycles Marrickville  eZee, Yuba
Sydney Electric Bikes Pyrmont eZee, Yuba, Gomier, Gazelle
Omafiets Redfern eZee, Gazelle, Omnium, Multicycle
Dutch Cargo Bike Black Rock, Online Bakfiets, Nihola, Douze cycles, WorkCycles, Omnium, Bullitt, Babboe
Cargocycles Collingwood Yuba, Zeitbikes, Gomier
psbikes Yarraville Christianibikes, Pilen, Bullitt
Cargo Bike Williamstown Direct Chinese imports
Melbourne Electric Bicycles  St Kilda eZee, Yuba
Cairns Electric Bikes Cairns eZee, Yuba

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2 responses to Australian Cargo Bike Stockists

  1. peter santos

    a, omafiets sells omnium, bullitt
    b, glowworm sells christianiabikes
    c, commuter cycles sell Bullitt
    d, psbikes is now called The Bicycle Import Co
    e, Bullitt is only stocked by the above shops.
    f, Christiania bikes are spelled with an a at the end
    g, Pilen is not a cargobike

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