Running your pool pump on off peak electricity

Historically Australian homes were on single rate and off-peak/controlled load tariffs – all of their power at the same rate regardless of what time of day it was used. The exception being hard wired off peak circuits which received power for a set number of hours overnight. The exact time and duration these circuits receive power is governed by the electricity provider and appliances can only be connected to one or the other – not both. Most often only used for electric hot water heating.

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Natural Swimming Pools & Ponds

Natural swimming pools use various methods of water filtration that do not involve adding or manufacturing any chemicals to maintain the clear safe water to swim in. They re-create an environment akin to that of a clear river, water hole or creek that you can safely swim in.

Most of the systems have european origins. A listing follows of the systems which have previously been or are currently being installed in Australia. In my research and discussions with designers and installers I understand that only the Hyrdobalance system has a solid track record in Australia.

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