Temperature Monitoring

Home Temperature Monitoring

If you’re renovating to improve the thermal performance of your home, reduced heating or cooling load, knowing the effects of the changes you make can be very helpful.

For example – you install a thermal curtain in a single room, being able to observer the before/after effect of the curtain can help you decide to continue with curtain installation in other rooms or whether a different approach is required.

Manual data collection

  • Digital Thermometers
    • Can record max/min values and ideally with a second external sensor connected to a wire. These are readily available from Dicksmith, Jaycar etc for $20-40.Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 11.57.19 am
  • Hand held infrared temperature sensors
    • Available from eBay, Jaycar and others, search for non-contact temperature gun / thermometer
  • Thermal Imaging
    • Allow for real time analysis of the areas of heat loss/gain in your home.
    • Professional and consumer versions now available.
    • Consultants can engaged to use their equipment and provide a report on your home, e.g Airleak.com.au

Automated data collectionDS1921K#

  • Thermocron iButtons or OneWire devices allow for temperature data to be accurately recorded over defined periods of time (eg hourly sampling over a 1 month period). Sensors are very small and relatively inexpensive, multiple sensors can be provisioned to track temperatures in different rooms, internal, external etc.
  • SensorTagAn inexpensive wireless bluetooth low energy sensor from Texas Instruments that connects to your smart phone.
    • Includes sensors for temperature (ambient and infrared), humidity, pressure, accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer.
  • Dataworks App by Instrument Works
    • iPhone app that connects to and logs data from SensorTag and other third party sensors.
  • ThermodoScreen Shot 2014-12-24 at 12.16.33 pm
    • A temperature sensor for your iPhone that connects via the headphone jack.
  • Wireless Sensor TagsBattery powered tags that last for 1 year, remotely sensing temperature, humidity and motion.
    • Includes web and smartphone interfaces.

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