Electric Bike Brands

A listing of all electric bike brands sold in Australia. Once you’ve found the model of bike or kit that you like you can find a local stockists via the electric bike shops listing.

The star ratings are a simple combined indicator of quality & price, 1 star represents cheap product of low quality, 5 stars represents excellent quality at a high price. For more detailed information see the linked reviews.

Complete Electric Bikes

Brand Quality / Price Origin Notes / Reviews
A2B  Germany / India
BH Emotion  Spain Review
EcoRide Sweden
eZee  China
Gazelle Netherlands
Gepida Hungary
Go Cycle  United Kingdom
Grace  Germany Review
Haibike Germany
Momentum Electric United Kingdom
Pedego  United States Review
Power Ped  Australia
Promovec  Denmark
Reef  China
Scott Switzerland
 Sinus by Staiger Germany
Smartmotion China
Specialized United States  Review 1, 2
Stealth Australia High power off road bikes. Review.
Yuba United States Cargo bikes
Wisper United Kingdom

Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Brand Quality / Price Origin Notes
Golden Motor   China  Cheap but unreliable suited to hobbyist. High power versions available. Review.
eZee   China  Widely adopted and supported by electric bikes shops
Bionx   Canada  Higher power kits available from non-AU vendors. Review


Chinese Electric Bikes & Kits

Whilst there are some very high quality electric bikes coming out of China, with an estimated 200 million in use locally there are also a myriad of lower quality bikes & kits from brands that are not well supported in Australia. Only well established, reasonable quality brands with some minimum level of adoption in Australia and are included in this listing.

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3 responses to Electric Bike Brands

  1. Andrew Rogers – Author

    Ian – thanks for the recommendation, I’d not come across Focus before but they look very nice. I’ve searched and been through their listed dealers but can’t find anyone in Australia that stocks or lists the Focus e-bikes on their website.

  2. Ian

    Hi Andrew,

    My local bike shop (Cycology) will have a Focus Thron soon. Not a lot of choice here in Tasmania and Cycology is testing the waters with BH Emotion and Focus ebikes.

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